Do you speak Microsoft 365?

Are you tired of spending endless hours figuring out how to implement Microsoft 365? Do you need expert knowledge and guidance?

I've been working with Microsoft 365 for over a decade, and I know how frustrating it is to keep up with the constant changes and learning curves. My name is Brian Cheatham, and I am a seasoned Microsoft 365 consultant who can help.

Seasoned Microsoft consultant

I'm a Microsoft consultant who has been there and done that. I started my professional IT career with my first Microsoft certification in 1997. I have been drinking the Kool-Aid ever since. I've spent the major of my career as a Microsoft consultant learning how to navigate its complex terrain to pave a path for others to follow. My background with formal training development and delivery taught me to slow down and learn how to explain Microsoft concepts and implementation to others. I have packaged together several different offerings to help guide you on your journey.

On-Demand Training

Do you want to learn on your own?
Self-paced online training with lab exercises and extras, such as 3rd party integration guides, scoping samples and custom scripts

Guided Implementation

Do you want someone to show you how?
Guided implementation of a customized Microsoft 365 roadmap with dedicated time with me each week

Project-based Consulting

Do you want someone to do it for you?
Project-based consulting where we work together to determine the requirements for your project, develop a detailed scope of work and execute for you

Why Get Cloud Savvy?

Reasons why you should trust Get Cloud Savvy to assist you with your Microsoft 365 training, coaching and implementation needs

Customized Microsoft 365 roadmap

I'll work with you to gather your requirements and build a custom Microsoft 365 roadmap which will provide the guard rails for your implementation.

Built-in training content

I don't just start a screen sharing session and expect you to keep up. I have training content to frame each of the topics before we implement. The goal is for you to learn how to do it yourself.

Drive the project to completion

As a Microsoft consultant, I have always had to wear a project management hat and herd the cats. I will work with your team or customer to drive the project through to completion. We will establish a project plan and timeline with you and manage the project effort through to completion.

What do others have to say?

Don't take my word for it, see what some people who I have worked with have to say

Brian has been phenomenal in helping us migrate to the Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365. He begins with understanding your business and then tailoring his services to adapt to those needs instead of a one size fits all. Highly recommended!

Sae Cho
Vice President

Brian always leaves project stakeholders feeling understood, respected, and confident in the overall plan and their specific role and duties in achieving the project goal. I call Brian the ‘client whisperer’, a natural educator with years of hands-on experience in the IT trenches. All project stakeholders immediately realize they are in good hands when Brian is a part of the team.

David McGrath
Project Manager

I’ve had an opportunity to work with Brian over a period of years. He has a gift for taking very complex technical problems and distilling them down into plain English, allowing customers to understand what needs to be done and how he will resolve their issues. Brian has an excellent understanding of how to help his clients maximize their investment in Microsoft and how to empower users to make the most of the tools that Microsoft provides all while delivering a safe and secure solution.

Rob Fegan

Brian is one of those rare individuals in the IT space who exhibit both breadth and depth of knowledge. I have worked with Brian for years and when we first met, he was focused on infrastructure. Since then, he has grown to cover the entire Microsoft 365 stack and has a passion for helping organizations align their business needs with the optimal technology.

David Broussard
Solution Architect

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Blog articles, videos and other resources I've created over the years

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